How to Exercise Your Quadriceps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Margie Weiss provides an introduction to a full video series on how to exercise your quadriceps.

    Margie Weiss

    Margie Weiss has been in the fitness industry all of her life, having been a national gymnast as a child, and mother/trainer to three international athletes. Owner-coach of MG Gymnastics, her team produced international stars for 15 years. Former owner of 2 Gold's Gym franchises, Margie is also a certified personal trainer, specializing in youth sports conditioning. She has trained international athletes, including her children. Her son, Michael, is a 2-time US Olympic figure skater and 3-time US National Champion. Currently, she is GGX (Group exercise director & instructor) for 3 Gold's Gyms, where one of her programs boasts 500 classes per month; she supervises 175 instructors. Having published many articles in the fitness field, she enjoys seeing progress in each of her participants. But the things that makes her most proud of the lives she has affected are her 5 grandchildren, all of whom live very close. Seeing their smiles makes every day worth smiling about!

    Margie Weiss: Hi, my name is Margie Weiss. I have been in the fitness industry for about 38 years. As a child I was a national level gymnast and as an adult I have run gymnastic teams. I have owned Gold s Gyms. I am currently the Group Exercise Director at a number clubs and I teach classes at them. I also personal train especially athletes and young children to try to attain a better level of fitness in the sports that they do. What we are going to do today is a quad workout. A lot of different exercises for one muscle group. The quads are one of the main muscle groups of the body. They are very big, takes a lot of calories, a lot of energy to work them. The object behind doing a number of different exercises that I am going to show you is that any muscle if you do just the same exercise is not going to get the benefits that you would get if you did a variety of exercises because you want to surprise the body at all times, so that it never quite knows what s coming next. In terms of what you are going to need beside from a good pair of aerobic shoes and an outfit that s a little bit stretchy but not too bulky so that it could get caught in the equipment. We are going to show you a lot of different exercises. Now, you may not have all of these equipments, so you can pick and choose some of the exercises so that you can get a variety but if you can get into a gym, some of these different exercise pieces of equipment are really good for doing especially quads because they are such a big muscle group. That being said, I am going to get on with quads, quads and more quads.