How To Find A Healthy Weight Loss Program

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lauren Grant of The Hungry Heart gives advice on how to find a weight loss program or counselor that’s right for you.

    Lauren Grant: Hi! My name is Lauren Grant with The Hungry Heart, and today we're going to be talking about Weight-loss Programs. Many people go on their first diet in attempt to lose weight and feel better about their appearance. Unfortunately, most diet set us up on restricted program and at the moment we get off the diet or slip up, it leads us to feeling frustrated, and we will never reach our goals, so why bother trying? We then go on to overeating to overcompensate for the foods and quantity we missed out on. And typically putting back on the weight we initially lost and many times gaining additional body fat. This frustrating situation leads us to look into the next latest and greatest way that we can get this weight off our body and sets us up to run from diet to diet and binge to binge, never really getting a hand on the situation. Or understanding why we can't stop the overeating and just start losing weight and keeping it off. When you are considering a weight-loss program or weight-loss counselor, pick an approach that you can stay with long-term. If the recommendations are not something that you can do long term, then you're just wasting your time and setting yourself up for frustration and failure. So pick a program that leads to slow, steady weight-loss. Teaching you how to make healthy choices naturally, what healthy eating is and teaches you how to work through uncomfortable feelings, instead of turning to the food. Make sure that you are eating real food and not following any temporary fat or using any dangerous products. So stick to the major food groups, fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, legumes, and whole grains. We need sweets in moderation. If there are ingredients that you don't recognize, chances are that it's not a good choice. So look for an alternative. Minimize artificial sugars and saturated fat in your diet, you can find healthier versions of many snack foods in a health food store or in a health food isles in the grocery store. So learn what truly healthy eating is and how to approach food in a way that will set you up for a long-term success. For more information on finding a counselor or Weight Loss Program, try searching online, and look for counselors that have gone through their own issues with food and specialize in working with weight-loss drugs. You can find counselors, programs or organizations that will work with you in person, via Skype or through phone counseling; they can help you overcome your battle with food and weight-loss.