How To Find Jobs In Healthcare

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    President and CEO of Brian Alden discusses how to find jobs in the growing healthcare industry.

    Brian Alden: You have probably heard the buzz about job growth in the healthcare industry. But what you might not realize is there are plenty of opportunities that are attainable even without advanced degrees.

    Medical transcriptionists electronically transcribe doctor's reports. They work in a variety of healthcare facilities including doctor's offices, emergency rooms and diagnostic centers.

    You don't need a college degree for this career, but most offices require a completion of a certificate program.

    Nursing aids work under the direction of nursing staff and help provide basic patient care. This includes feeding, grooming and moving patients. These positions are crucial to hospital operations and generally only require on the job training.

    Phlebotomists are trained professional who draw blood for test, transfusions or donations. There are courses available to learn the skill and most medical facilities require their phlebotomist to pass a certification exam before they're allowed to work with patients.

    If you are interested in advocate work, consider a job as a patient care coordinator. These professionals are responsible for making sure patients are receiving the highest quality care and understand their options throughout their treatment process.

    Some faculties require patient care coordinators to also be registered nurses. If this is not required, an associates or bachelors degree in healthcare administration is common.

    So if you are looking to the exploding field of healthcare for your career, remember that there are plenty of options that don't require a long and expensive schooling or a lifetime living in scrubs.

    With a little research you can find a rewarding career path caring for the health of others, even by going a less traditional group.