How To Find Online Gardening Resources

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss discusses how to find free online resources for all your gardening questions.

    William Moss: Lack of knowledge no longer prevents you from having a green thumb. Whether you want to learn about Christmas tree care, seed-starting, health plants or tomatoes, all the information you could ever want is right at your finger tips. Let's talk about some online gardening tools.

    How To videos are one of the best tools especially for new gardeners, because they not only tell you about the process but they also show you, so there is a chance for you to learn even if you don't know all the jargon, you could still pick up on it simply by seeing what's happening, so definitely check out the How To videos.

    Another great place to go is the National Garden Association's website. It has some videos and it has a lot of expert advice. People who are experts from all over the nation, lots of master gardeners, and they'll be able to help you learn more about the actual science of gardening and horticulture. You can even send in questions to the.

    And probably the best resource for you locally and your environment are one of the Cooperative Extension websites and your local botanic garden's website. They'll give you more specific information.

    You get a lot of general stuff looking at National Garden Association and also the How To videos, but the people who are right in your county would be the ones that will give you a little bit more of what specifically works best and some of the techniques and timings in your area.

    Whether if you're a brand new gardener or you have years of experience, use your fingers they'll help greening your thumb. Get out and grow!