How To Find The Right Bra

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valerie Lucas explains how to find the right bra and fit for your body type.

    Valerie Lucas: Today we are going to reveal the secrets on how to find a perfect fitting bra. I am about to show you how measure your cup size. You are going to take your soft tape measure and measure around the fullest part of the body and here she reads a 38. Now, let me be honest with you we think that measuring is a starting point, but it's not a full proof method. Well we recommend is actually you try on as many bra as you can to really determine your exact bra size. Now we are actually going to discuss how to try on your bra properly, you going to actually clasp the band in the back on if loosest hook; adjust the straps on your shoulder. The next thing is actually really important is going to make sure that you actually bring the breast in the cup, so make sure you adjust it with your hand on each side okay. As you can see on the model we have achieve perfection here, this part of the bra lies flat against her breast bone, beautiful! Look also the underwire there, it's not pinching her hang on this side. Her breast is in the cup, this looks beautiful. Now let me show you her back as well, the back lies perfectly flat, it's also not riding up and the straps are well-positioned, she looks perfect in this bra. At a final phase of how to evaluate how your bra fit is actually to try on your bra underneath your clothes, as you can see the model here is wearing a perfect bra, its not showing underneath her clothes she is not bumping out, no bumps are showing, it looks perfect its still smooth. Now let me show her back as well, the back looks great, not seeing any back fat here because she is wearing the right bra size and band size. And the number one request we get at the store is to find the perfect strapless bra to go underneath a strapless dress. So you need to look for a strapless bra that will have molded cup like you are seeing here. This will assure that you have a smooth coverage under your dress. This bra has a very low cut front like a U here, this works really well again under very low cut dresses. The back as well is quite low which will accommodate dresses that actually lower cut in the back as well. Happy bra shopping! 1