How to Finish a Driving Test

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Driving examiner Steve Williams describes what one should do after passing a driving skills test or failing the test.

    Steve Williams: Hi, I am Steve Williams with the National Driver Training Institute. We are learning how to pass the driving test. This is our last clip. We are going to talk about what happens after the test. At the conclusion of the test, the tester is going to bring you inside to tell you how you did. He will give you detailed report of any errors that you made and recommendations on how you can make your driving safer. If you pass your test, congratulations. If you did it through the DNV, they are going to process your license immediately. If you took a test through a school like ours, we are going to give you paperwork to take to the DNV. Remember, you don't have a license until you have turned in your permit and your paperwork.

    If you failed your test. The tester is going to tell you exactly what you did wrong and exactly what you need to do on your next try. Most people fail, because they are nervous. If you get to your test and you find that you are nervous, take a deep breath, let it out slow and remember that the tester is probably nervous too. He doesn't know how well you drive. Thank you for watching this video. If you have paid attention to all the clips, I am sure you are going to do just fine.