How to Fix a Christmas Ornament

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cheri Hennessy of the Christmas Attic in Old Town Alexandria demonstrates how to decorate a Christmas tree including tips on repairing a Christmas ornament.

    Cheri Hennessey: Hi! I am Cheri Hennessey with the Christmas Attic and we have been talking about how to decorate a Christmas tree and now we are going to talk about how to fix an ornament. I have selected a few of the more expensive ornaments that we have here, because those the ones you really want to take your time to fix and what I have here is a glue gun, set on a low setting. Usually a glue gun all have high and low. It will be a little slower to come out of the glue gun if it's on a low setting.

    I also have some very fine glitter that you can get it in a craft store and glass paint. I also have some little scraps of greenery which come in handy when you can't fix in something really well, you can always put a little piece of greenery as Santa's arm.

    But we are going to start with the glue gun. I am going to show you how you fill in a hole. This mitten has a hole right on the edge itself and you take the glue gun and you gently fill the hole in slowly and then you hold the ornament at an angle, kind of moving it, so that when it dries, it's going to take the shape of the ornament. Now this, at this point it's half filled. When I am going to come back again, try to fill that hole in and again, I am turning and holding it while it dries so that it takes the shape of the ornament.

    Now this ornament is so highly glittered, I probably don't even have to paint it. I am just going to put some of the extra glitter on top and now it's still a little bit light. So what we are going to do is, paint the glue and now glitter it again. Take glitters of little bit different color. So what we are going to do is just touch up the red that we were fixing and we going to spread some of that glitter over the whole top. And our ornament is fixed.

    This time I am going to show you a horse, he had a big hole right here. Now we went ahead and put a layer of glue on him earlier. But now, I am going to do a second layer of glue. Depending on how large the hole is, sometimes you have to do more than one layer to get coverage. Another secret is, you could take a Kleenex and put it down in there to catch the glue.

    Now I will use my finger to kind of shape it but I also have to rub the hot glue off my finger quickly, because it will burn your skin. That's look pretty good. It's not perfect but that was a big hole in there. I am going to take a little bit of white paint. Now because this ornament isn't as highly glittered, I am going to go ahead and paint his legs with the paint and wherever the paint is the glitter is going to stick.

    So I am going add a little bit of white glitter now to his legs and again he is not perfect but make sure it looks better than he did. And now this limited edition hundred dollar ornament can go back on your tree. Well, now we have shown you how to fix your ornament. You need this technique to fix any ornaments that break at your house. So happy decorating and have a Merry Christmas.