How to Fix a Sticking Home Button on the iPhone 3G

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    iPhone expert Joshua Dubois demonstrates how to fix a sticking Home button on the iPhone 3G.

    Josh Dubois: Hi, I am Josh Dubois. Today we are talking about the 3G iPhone and the Software Release 2.0.

    If you have been having your home button stick, or when you hit your applications they are kind of lagging and they don't open, or really any button that all sticks. You've probably been using a lot of applications, and what you don't realize is that opening those applications sometimes they don't always close down as they need to.

    So, if it's been a while since you have reset your phone or restarted your phone, you want to go ahead and routinely do this. Just go ahead and hold that top button down, slide the power off. If you are using applications a lot, and with the applications stored, and all the really cool applications out there, you probably are. I would suggest restarting at least once a day. If not at the very minimum once a week. This should prevent your home button from sticking, or any other button from sticking, and if you still have problems with your iPhone, go into the Apple store.