How To Fix Flashing Lights & Loss Of Suction On A Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tessa McHenry of Zodiac Pool Systems demonstrates how to fix flashing lights and loss of suction on a robotic pool cleaner.

    Tessa McHenry: Hi! I am Tessa McHenry, Director of Marketing at Zodiac Pool Systems, the makers of Zodiac and Polaris pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners are a great way to keep your pool clean, but occasionally problems can arise. So, here are some easy do it yourself solutions to address common problems including error codes and loss of suction. If a flashing indicator light error code appears just after the start of your pool cleaner, first reset the cleaner and select a new cycle, simply press the power button off and then select the desired cycle.

    If the flashing light or error persists, this is an indication that the cleaner has detected an issue. So check the following. First, check the cable connection on the control unit. It may not be plugged correctly, unplug the cable from the control unit and reinsert.

    Make sure the gap between the cable connector in the residing end is not greater than the depth of a nickel as this is an indication of a poor connection. If so, tighten until secure.

    Make sure the cleaner has not been run on an extension cord. This can cause voltage loss issues that will prevent the unit from working properly. All robotic pool cleaners need to be a plugged into the GFCI protected outlet.

    The next step is to clean your canister. Find debris such as algae, silt and salt can built up on the inner mesh, restricting flow through the cleaner. This will cause the cleaner to shut down to protect itself.

    You can easily test this by removing the canister from the cleaner, placing the cleaner back in the pool and running it on cycle one. If the cleaner runs properly without the filter canister installed, this is an indication that the filter mesh is clogged. You will need to scrub the canister with a mild soap to eliminate build up.

    Another reason for the error codes on the cleaner unit could be that the cleaner isnt fully submerged. If the cleaner is floating at the surface, lift it from the pool and hold it vertical with the handle facing upward and push it downward until it is fully submerged.

    Give it a good push and you will see it released air bubbles and sync toward the bottom of the pool. If you try all these techniques and the blinking lights persist, the issue could be the propeller. The propeller can easy be checked by opening the cleaner lid and removing the canister. You will see a small grate with a set screw. Remove the screw and squeeze the two sides of the grate to remove. You can then clean the propeller to remove debris and trapped hair.

    Finally, if flashing lights appear during the cleaning cycle this indicates that the cleaner has been ingesting air for 60 seconds or more and you will need to fully submerge the cleaner using the method shown earlier or that the canister has become dirty and needs to be cleaned.

    If your pool cleaner reads an error code like this and you are not able to resolve the issue with the steps above, refer to your owners manual for trouble shooting guidance.

    If you are experiencing a lack of backing suction or if your cleaner is not picking up debris, it could be caused by an improperly installed filter canister or damaged impeller.

    To properly pick up debris, the canister lips must protrude from the bottom of the cleaner. Pull the canister out and reinsert by following the grooves in the cleaner body.

    A properly installed filter canister should slide in easily with little resistance and will seek comfortably in the cleaner cavity.

    If the canister lips are badly worn, the cleaner will not pick up debris. Visit your local pool product supplier to purchase a replacement filter canister. Always buy genuine replacement parts from the original manufacturer to ensure a proper fit and wear.

    If you are experiencing a lack of suction after the filter canister installation and integrity you are verified, the issue maybe your impeller. If this is the case, you will need to visit your pool product professional for a complete diagnostic.

    By following these tips, your robotic pool cleaner will keep your pool clean all year long.

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