How To Fix Garden Pathways

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to fix your garden pathways.

    William Moss: Pathways define your garden space and determine how people flow through your area. So it's very important to keep it well-maintained. What is a good time to come in and kind of add back to the path? Wood chips break down over the season. So now it's a good time to get out and replace them. All you need is a couple of wheelbarrows of mulch and of course your handy bow rake. You don't need a very heavy layer along your paths. A couple of inches of mulch is just fine. Inside my garden I would like to use something a little bit more decorative. Here I have a nice gravel pathway, but I would of course have to season plants have grown out in two way, some of the gravel has been kicked away. You want to come in first and just clear out all the old debris. I am also getting some of the old gravel even. If I lose a little bit of the gravel, it's better to clear it out before I had more. We have fixed up the pathways. You want to start from the farthest path and then work your way back out, kind of like paining. That way you will know if you have enough and it's a lot easier to add more to the outside, like it is with everything. So dump it out and you only made an inch layer. You don't want to go too hard with the gravel. Just enough so people know where you want them to walk.

    When is the good time to fix all your pathways so that they define your garden space and direct the flow of traffic where you want it to go?

    Get out and grow.