How to Form and Cook Meatballs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Marie Guaragna-Beirne demonstrates how to make meatballs, including how to form and cook them.

    Bonjourno, my name is Marie Guaragna-Beirne with MGB Special Events. Today, I am showing you how to make Pasta Sauce with meatball. Now, we are going to form our meatballs, put them in the sauce and show you our techniques on how not to burn them and make sure that they do not fall apart.

    Now, for video instructional purposes today, I am going to bring the pot back from the stove and show you how we put them into the pot. You can smell this, it smells wonderful and I tell a lot of my students, especially if anyone is in real estate that if you really want to sell a house, forget about baking cookies; make some sauce. I think you will be able to sell the house a lot quicker.

    So, we are going to form our meatballs and I told you earlier that we have, just have a little water on hand, just to make sure our meat does not stick to our hands and that is how we know when our meatballs are ready to be formed. Now, this is a pound of meat and this should make about, maybe up to 12 meatballs, depending on the size that you make them.

    This is a normal size. You can make them bigger; you can make them smaller, cocktail size, I have used in many of my catering events. So, basically, it is just whatever you need. One of the other unorthodox processes is, process that I use is we are not going to fry our meatballs today. We are just going to gently drop them in the sauce and you are going to come up with some really nice, tender meatballs.

    Be careful not to splash, so you do not get burnt and we are just rolling them in our hands very gently, kind of, like an egg. Do not want it to break, but you want it to be firm yet, so that you form a nice meatball. I also use this recipe for making meat loaf too. Now, I continue to from the meatballs and drop them in the sauce and then we will pick up with our techniques on how not to burn them and also not make them fall apart.

    Now, I am going to show you the process of not burning our meatballs and also not having them fall apart. You do not ever want to put a spoon or anything in these meatballs until they are actually floating. So, in order to prevent, because you still want to stir them, so what I do is I will take the handles of my pot and gently go back and forth and as you could see, the meatballs are moving.

    I do this like every couple of minutes, just until the meatballs start floating on the top and that is when you will know that they will start forming, but right now, you see they are submerged, but probably the process, the whole process of cooking will take about 45 minutes to an hour before your meatballs are actually done. Now, our meatballs, as you can see are now starting to float up at the top. So, I am going to take a spatula, Teflon spatula and just still very gently; stir the meatballs, just lifting them up making sure that the sauce which should not have stuck because of our lids and the balls should be holding together, because we waited until they were floating on to the top. Just very gently stirring and you would obviously be doing this on a stove, but again, for instructional purposes today, we are putting it on our table.

    Now, I am going to show you how to plate your wonderful Pasta Sauce with your meatballs.