How to Free Up Storage Space on Your iPhone or Android

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    We’re talking storage wars – and no, not the A&E reality show – the storage war we have with our phones. Our phones have gotten so full that we can’t even take photos any more! We’re sharing some solutions so this doesn’t happen to you.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Today we are talking storage wars. No, not the A&E Reality Show, the storage war I have with my smartphone everyday. My phone has gotten so full that I can't even take photos anymore. So POPSUGAR Tech Editor Nicole Nguyen is here to make sure that this doesn't happen to you, because it is a tragedy.

    Nicole Nguyen: It is a tragedy.

    Matthew Rodrigues: It is.

    Nicole Nguyen: But I can finally help you reclaim some more storage space so you can sit and take more selfies on your iPhone and Android device.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I am into that. So let's start off with the iPhone, it's a hard one.

    Nicole Nguyen: So first, let's identify what's taking up the most space. You are first going to open the Settings app and then tap General, then Usage, then Manage Storage, and you will see a list of the apps that are taking up the most space. What's really cool about this list is that you can actually delete storage hugging apps from this list right here.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. So the biggest thing on this list for me is my photos obviously.

    Nicole Nguyen: Not surprising.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Yeah.

    Nicole Nguyen: So if you take a lot of pictures like that, I like to recommend downloading the Flickr app and turning on Auto Sync. This feature auto uploads photos and videos from your camera roll to your Flickr account and they are all kept private, plus you get one terabyte of free storage.

    Matthew Rodrigues: What?

    Nicole Nguyen: Which equates to something like 2 million iPhone photos.

    Matthew Rodrigues: That's an insane amount. Even I don't have that many photos. I wish I had known this a little bit earlier.

    Nicole Nguyen: It's a genius solution. For some people their full storage problems aren't actually related to photos. It could be an issue with syncing data from your computer and accidentally disconnecting your device too soon.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Now, I do that a lot, so that's wrong. That's a no-no.

    Nicole Nguyen: Yeah, that's bad. But you can easily fix it by turning off Music and Photo Sync in iTunes and then hitting Apply. Then turn those syncing options back on and your space should be restored.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You are one smart little cookie. Okay. Let's move on to the Android.

    Nicole Nguyen: So there are amazing Android apps that basically do all the cleaning for you. My favorite is called Clean Master, which identifies junk files like obsolete data and then wipes them immediately. There is also a cool 1 Tap Boost feature that instantly speeds up your phone by quitting apps that require a lot of memory.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Anything that just takes one tap is so up my alley.

    Nicole Nguyen: It's very useful, but of course there are a lot of things that that kind of app can't delete, like your text and voicemails so make sure to delete those too. We actually have a whole list of unnecessary data you can delete on popsugar.

    com/tech that applies for both iPhones and Android phones.

    Matthew Rodrigues: All right! I am all about the storage. Thanks Nicole!