How To Get A Clear Complexion

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Natasha Withers discusses the best ways to treat your acne and tricks to get clearer skin.

    Dr. Natasha Withers: You might think acne is only for teenagers. In fact, 20% of men and 30-50% of women over the age of 20 get it. Acne is caused by excessive oil that clogs hair follicles and allows infection by bacteria. Here are some tips to stop the spots and keep your complexion clear.

    Adopt good skin habits; wash your face gently twice a day using fingertips, lukewarm water and a liquid cleanser. From mild acne and over-the-counter treatment may promote clearing by drying up excessive skin oil, killing bacteria and getting rid of dead skin cells. Be gentle, picking your face can cause scarring and over-cleaning aggravates acne.

    Consider a prescription, ask you physician whether a retinoid or an antibiotic is appropriate for you. Topical retinoids help prevent the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Antibiotics topical or oil help fight infections and ease breakouts.

    Deconstruct your diet; while there has been no scientific proof that any single food causes acne, a food sensitivity could affect your skin. Tuck through treatments; discuss the purchase with your doctors such as laser and light therapies and microdermabrasion which can help treat acne.

    Finally, it helps to distress daily. Stress including a lack of sleep shows up in your skin. When you are tense, the adrenal glands kick up the stress hormones output, which can lead to increased production of oil.

    So relax and remember these tips for healthy skin. I am Dr. Natasha. Live well!