How to Get More Clothes for Less

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Caroline O’Neil discusses how to get more clothes for less.

    Cindy: Hi! I am Cindy, I am here at Fashion Exchange and I want to tell you about how to have more clothes for less. I have a capsule wardrobe here and you maybe familiar with that type of say when you take a trip somewhere, you have to pack very carefully, you could only take so much, so you take two pairs of pants and a skirt and couple of tops and that's it, you might throw in a couple of accessories to help.

    Well, that's what I am going to show you here. I have my own capsule wardrobe and you can see brown is my basis here. I have two suits, actually this is a jacket and a skirt. Then I have a pant suit, this suit will work all of the tops I have as well as what I have on and you can mix and match. You can put the jacket with the pants, you can put the jacket. This jacket with pants and that's what you want to be able to do, it's the way of making your wardrobe expand without buying more things. All of these tops go with all of these bottoms. It makes it easy to travel, it makes it easy to get up in the morning before you go to work or before you take care of the children. We have something lighter on the top, than what you are wearing on the bottom half of your body. It's always good to put the same color somehow whether it's a necklace, whether it's a piece of jewelery, a scarf, anything that will bring the bottom up to give you a good balance. it really makes so many things work, you could put any color on top with the brown skirt as long as I have something brown on the top, it makes it work.