How to Get on a Motorcycle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Motorcyclist Jeff Thompson demonstrates how to get on a motorcycle.

    Jeff Thompson: Hello! I am Jeff Thompson at Motorcycle Riding Concepts, we are going to teach you how to ride a motorcycle today. This is Mark Payton our CFO and he is going to be doing the demonstration of getting on and off the motorcycle and I would be doing the speaking. He is going to show you the proper way to mount on motorcycle as I speak to you.

    So he is going to approach the motorcycle from the right side, we believe in approaching the motorcycle from the right side because of several different reasons. One of the main reasons is, it's because of the front brake is right here. As he approaches the motor cycle he is going to cage and cover the front brake, that adds stability to the motorcycle. He is going to bring his right hip up and put it in the center of the motorcycle right here at this V portion, right here at the base of the tank is where you should be approaching the motorcycle.

    He is going to lean forward, grabbing the other handlebar with his left hand, taking control of the front of the motorcycle; he is going to swing his left leg up and over; as he does that he will right tilt the motorcycle and bring the kick stand up. You should bring your kick stand up as soon as you can, as soon as you get on the motorcycle therefore you don't forget it. But notice you still got the handlebars or excuse me the front brake caged and covered. He is got a nice comfortable riding position, leaning forward just a little bit with his back straight. Notice the crook in his arms, that gives him the ability when he is riding the motorcycle to turn the handlebars from left to right without moving his body.

    How many riders, I have seen many riders out on the street, who like to sit back on the seat with their arms straight for a perceived comfort as they are riding down the road. But look what happens when they try to turn the motorcycle, they actually have to lean forward as they are turning. That's improper form, posture is very important when you ride a motorcycle. So he has got a nice comfortable riding position, now he has arrived where he wants to be and he is going to set the kick stand.

    It's important for you to know where the kick stand is on your motorcycle, like I did in the last segment, know where the controls on your motorcycle are, sit in your garage one day when you cant ride or you selected not to ride for whatever reason and learn where all of your controls are. Turn the lights off, shut your eyes and by memory you should know where all of those controls are in your motorcycle. Okay having said that he set the kick stand and now the motorcycle is over on it's left side.

    At this point he is going to switch hands and bring his left hand up and cover and cage the brake and push off the tank with his right hand and that is the proper way to get on and off the motorcycle. We feel that it's better to get on and off the on the right side for many different reasons, but the main reason is we can take control of that motorcycle with the brake there. Also if the highest point of the motorcycle your leg is actually going down on the seat when you go to get on, it's much easier for you to get on that way. Coming up next, we will show you how to start the motorcycle.