How to Get Started in Model Railroading

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dave Swanson, Executive Director of The World’s Greatest Hobby Program, discusses how to get started in model railroading.

    Dave Swanson: Hello! My name is Dave Swanson, and I am the Executive Director of The World's Greatest Hobby Program. The World's Greatest Hobby Program is designed to help promote the hobby of model railroading to the general public. I am here today to help you get started in model railroading and to select the proper training set.

    One of the great things about model railroading is that you can start as small or as biggest you want, and it can be a hobby for a lifetime. Now, let's look at why model railroading is such a fun hobby. You are going to see all kinds of different model railroads, and different kinds of model railroad sets to help you get started in building the hobby.

    The trains I am going to show you are available at a wide variety of sources including a local hobby shops, the internet, and at variety of other stores. Before we get into this part of the subject, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been into the hobby model railroading my entire life. In fact, I can't remember being so young that I didn't have a train. I am just fascinated by steel rails and steel wheels, and so I have spend a lot of my life involved in building the hobby of model railroading and in building a variety of model railroads.

    In our next few clips, I want to talk you about why model railroading is considered to be the world's greatest hobby.