How To Get Your Child To Ask For Homework Help

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how to encourage your student to ask for help with school work.

    Ann Dolin: Some teens want nothing more than independence. The problem is this can get in the way when a student needs help with schoolwork, but keeps resisting it. How do you help teens who say they don't want it?

    The first step is to be as supportive as possible. Praise and positive reinforcement go along way even if your teen doesn't always show it outwardly. Be there with guidance and support but without hovering. By keeping the right distance you can help your teen without sparking a rebellious reaction.

    Step two is to put the ball in their court. Instead of insisting that you are teen accept homework help, give him a choice. For example, if his math grade isn't what it should be, ask if he'd like to work with a study group, stay after school with the teacher or work with a tutor. You're guaranteeing that he'll get some form of help. But, he still feels like he has the power in the decision.

    The last step is to plan ahead, carve out a few minutes one evening every week to talk to your child about the work he or she has coming up. This way, the student is clear on what's expected that week without feeling like everything he or she does is micromanaged.

    Above all stay involved and don't give up. If you stick to it and allow some space for freedom when it comes to school work, both you and your teen will be much happier.