How to Get Your Walls Smooth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you’re walls look like a war zone, help is on the way! Ken Collier, Editor at The Family Handyman, shows how even a beginning DIYer can tackle a wide range of wall problems, from tiny nail holes, through cracks and nail pops, to medium-sized and even enormous holes.

    Ken Collier: Hi, my name is Ken Collier and I'm an Editor at The Family Handyman Magazine, the leading brand for Do-it-Yourselfers.

    I was trained as a cabinet maker but I lived in a hundred-year-old house, there was a fixer-upper and I've had to fix every single wall in that house. So I can tell you from personal experience, that even if you have no experience working with drywall and patching walls you can get professional looking results if you take your time and you are careful.

    I am going to talk about the tools and materials that you will need to do the work, how to fix small holes, medium sized holes, cracks and even large holes, and by the time you're done your walls will be looking as smooth as the day they were made.

    Now, if you've ever watched a drywall pro work, they are so fast and efficient, it's a thing of beauty to watch them. Now, I'm not that guy, I've been an editor at The Family Handyman for 22 years and I've seen a lot of drywall experts in the course of our work and learned a few tricks from them which I'll share with you in the videos that come.

    The Family Handyman, after all, is the nation's largest and oldest magazine for do-it-yourself home owners, and if there's one thing we know how to do is to explain pro techniques to regular home owners so they can get the best home improvements possible.

    So now, let's get those beat up walls of yours whipped into shape.