How To Go Green With Decorating

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra discusses how to redecorate with Green items. She explains the benefits to your home and the environment.

    Sherry Tyra: Many of us are looking for ways to go green and incorporate environmentally friendly products into our daily lives. Well, I'm going to show you some easy tips to incorporate green products into your home decor that also have some added health benefits to you and your family.

    Using sustainable goods makes great sense. Sustainable products are made from fast growing plants that require a little or no pesticides. Bamboos are perfect example and there are now many products available including flooring, furniture and fabrics.

    Choose 100% organic cotton for clothing, towels and bed linens. This is cotton that is grown without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also guarantees that no traces of chemicals will be present in the product that you buy.

    Natural stone products such as granite or marble are more durable than many artificial products often lasting for decades with very little maintenance. There are no worries about exposure to harmful chemicals in the home or the release of toxins into the environment during the production or disposal of the product.

    Furniture and products purchased at thrift or second hand shops are a great way to help the environment. There are also many websites that specialize in home decor products made from recycled goods.

    And lastly, buy local. Purchasing from local vendors not only supports your local community, it also eliminates the need for the shipping of products long distances, cutting down on the use of fuels and air pollution.

    By starting small and incorporating environmentally friendly products into your decor, you'll keep your family healthy and shrink your carbon footprint.