How to Green Clean a Bathroom

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Loren LaVoy with the Green Clean Company is going to show you how to Green Clean a bathroom.

    Loren LaVoy

    Green Clean LLC, founded in 2004 by Loren LaVoy is a professional residential and commercial cleaning company that uses only non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and cleaning methods. Many cleaning companies both large and small focus only on cleaning but not on the long term affect such cleaning has on the environment or on the welfare of humans and pets . Because the health of their clients and partners is important to Green Clean LLC they do not use chlorine products, ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Each cleaning is specifically designed to accommodate the special needs of each client. The company has grown from just Loren to a staff of 14 trained professional cleaning crew members, along with 3 full time office staff. We have also expanded our area of service to include all of the DC metropolitan area, and Baltimore. Plans are currently in the works to expand our services throughout the Northeastern seaboard. Loren LaVoy was raised near Lake Placid, in New York's Adirondack Mountains, and spent his childhood swimming in pristine rivers and breathing clean air. As a professed lover of the outdoors he says that his inborn affinity for nature led him to lean green when starting a professional cleaning company.

    Welcome. I am Loren LaVoy with the Green Clean Company. Today, we are going to be discussing how to Green Clean a bathroom. We are going to be doing it in an environmentally friendly way that is beneficial to your family, visitors to your home, and also the environment. We have -- my background is, I am an engineer that happens to own a cleaning company. We have very good coverage throughout the D.


    , Baltimore, Maryland area, and are looking to expand nationwide. We clean many homes, and some Embassies and its just wonderful to be here to show you some of our secrets. One of our biggest secrets is time management and efficiency; economy of motion is just a wonderful thing for being able to complete a project in a timely manner. So, a couple of our rules is, right in the very beginning, well then be working from top to bottom, and left to right. There's no going back, no backtracking, and we are not going to be repeating anything. Some of the tools we have today are a cleaning solution; this is what we call our Green Solution, which is a hydrogen peroxide based product; this is our reusable cleaning cloth which is actually a preconsumer diaper that hasnt been used; we have our scouring powder; we have some concentrate just in case we need to make more of our Green Solution - very important. And this is one of the biggest secrets; this is a white scrubby pad. Almost all of the cleaning will be done with a white scrubby pad. It takes a lot of the effort out of it, so you do most of the work with the white scrubby pad and just merely polish off with our cleaning pad, which most people are inclined to use as their sole cleaning tool. We also have a metal scraper; this is used to get little bits and pieces of things off that would take way too long with a white scrubby pad. And for our corners, we have a corner brush. Nice stiff bristles that can get in behind the faucets and the sink and the soap dish and all sorts of convenient places that the white scrubby pad may not get. We also have a few trade secrets; we have a micro fibre cloth here, and I'll explain a little bit about that in the future. Throughout the video, we are going to be showing you some different secrets about cleaning and well interject some green and environmentally friendly type things as we go on, but now, we've got a great attitude, and we are helping the environment and cleaning our bathroom at the same time. We are going to start off with cleaning the sink, move on to cleaning the mirrors, the toilet, and the shower, and lastly the floor. Come along with us as we Green Clean your bathroom.