How to Grill Burgers, Hot Dogs and Steaks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Known as the backyard summer time staples Hamburgers, Hot Dog and Steaks have become an American favorite. With just a few simple and fresh ingredients we can make some Home made hamburgers that folks will come from miles for. Hot dogs don’t have to be boring and we are going to score these dogs to add some fun and it’s fun and safe for the kids to join along in. The steaks we will keep basic but teach you how to know how hot your fire is and when the steaks are perfect.

    Michael Hedrick

    Mike Hedrick was born on the banks of the New River on the North Carolina
    Coast. He grew up on BBQ and Pulled Pork was some of his first solid food. After years of growing up as a country boy camping and cooking Mike began Grilling and Barbecuing.

    After years of cooking for family and friend Mike began his ongoing passion to make the best barbecue in the world. In his first season on the National Barbecue Competition Circuit
    Mike's Pit Pirate BBQ Team had an amazing Three Top 10's and a 3rd Place Overall Pork at the National Capital Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC.

    Mike is now the proud Owner/Chef of Pit Pirate BBQ and does Catering from 50 to 500
    and also Concession Sales and is currently looking for a Restaurant location. Knowing that
    serving is more than food Mike organized "Operation BBQ for Our Troops: Walter Reed
    and collected up donations and and got other BBQ Teams to come and feed 500 of the
    wounded Soldiers and their Caregivers. When asked by the Assistant Secretary of Defense
    Health Affairs why he would go to such efforts Mike said
    “That sir. Seeing the smiles on their faces…the lord says to go and serve, and BBQ is just what I do.”

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guys, Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate BBQ. Hey, I am a professional caterer and a competition barbeque, this one dwell from top tens and some top fives. Today, we are going to be grilling like a villain here in Virginia, it is a beautiful weather here, and we got a just great things we are going to do. We got friends and family coming over. We got hamburgers; we are going to hand made. We have got all kind of different hot dogs, we are going to show out you do little scoring on there and trick your mouth, let the kids have fun with them too, and we have got steaks, we are going to put on there. They are meant for the men, and once we do all that, its going to be good eating. Any time you are messing with food, you got to remember to be food safe and you keep things washed up and sanitized. Anytime you messing with knives, you want to make sure that you just keep those away from you well, park your hands if you dont want cut, and any time that you are messing with the hot grill, well you just want to keep the kids away from that and make sure that everybody is taken care of.

    Let me go ahead and get this grill great hot, and it will be time to get at some award winning hamburgers guys. Think about hamburger, as you dont want to get it too lean, I have a nice 80/20, so there is a good amount of fat thats in there, and you want that fat to kind of give that burger some nice moisture.

    You also dont want to be squeezing it all up out of there there. Right now, I am going to go over something simple. I like some fresh cracked pepper in there, I like some fresh cracked sea salt in there, I dont put a whole lot in my burgers; you could put any thing in here. I like some nice onions, diced up onions.

    You can make a bacon burger, and wait for the bacon for later. You just put it on in there now thats what I like. I am going to go ahead and use my own seasoned salt, but you could use any seasoned salt, its going to have paprika and cumin and all that kind of stuff in there, and then after you get it in there, you want to work it in real good, but you dont really have to mush it all together way too much.

    You just want to work all the ingredients, such that they are nice and even. You get all the pieces together. All the seasonings mixed throughout. You dont want somebody get all seasonings and somebody got none. So, you want to work that pretty good, and then at this point you wan to go ahead and start making your patties, I say with something about size of a may be a baseball. Its a good size. You want to make your patty so that it is bigger than your bun that you are working with.

    And then I also say press down the center a little bit, because we know the hamburgers are going to want to pump up. So and dont have to be perfect looking, just a good looking patty like that. I am going to make up few of these, and we are going to be grilling.

    These things are going to coming off. Its a beautiful day here in Virginia, nice and warm. Again, pushing that center down, real nice, and it comes up, onion and everything you know a lot of love in there.

    So we make up these, then we are going to go ahead and pull these things off and probably flip them, probably in about five minutes or so.