How to Grill Shrimp and Vegetables

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to grill shrimp and vegetables for a caribbean bbq.

    Michael Hedrick: Hi guys, Mike Hedrick Pit Pirate BBQ. Man, I am encouraging everybody to get outside and come on out here. The weather is great, the season starting to kick on and that means it's time to be grilling and having a good time. What we are going to do right now is we are going to go ahead and grill up some vegetables. We are going to throw some shrimps in there just because well, we like shrimps. It is summer time and they are in season. We are here at Virginia. But vegetables are a great thing to grill up because for one, they are good, they are good for you. You cannot just live by big steaks alone. The ladies love them, we are always looking for ways to make the ladies happy at the barbecue. So what I have got done here is I have cubed up some different kind of zucchinis. I stripped off a little edge here and there just to give them a little bit of a look. We are going to go ahead and throw in some yellow zucchinis. My wife really loves these. We are going to go ahead and throw in some green zucchinis. She likes those as well. She is just crazy about mushrooms and you can tell who I am making all this for. I am making this for my wife. Although, yeah, I like it too. A bunch of nice fresh Vidalia sweet onions right here in the season, it's good for them and we have gone ahead, split up some baby carrots in there. What we are going to do we are going to go ahead and just lubricate these this things up a little bit.

    Give them something to bring them together, one of the best things is virgin olive oil, that is going to go good. It is going to keep from burning up, it is also going to crisp them them up a little bit. I like a secret that you will catch a lot of times in a lot of Japanese restaurants is sesame oil and this, I love to put on stuff that I am grilling. I mean I really like this. If you are going to say I may have a little secret, it is going to be this, but you got to be careful with this. If you use too much of it, it can really be overpowering so you just want to just dabble in just a little bit in there. Probably about maybe a quarter of or maybe an eighth of how much that you are using of your olive oil. I like a good pinch of pepper, fresh table ground is just fine. I do not like it too fine. I want to go ahead and get some nice salt in here. I like to grind it myself, that way I can adjust the grinding size whether I want it coarse or soft. I want to go ahead and add in some sesame seeds just to keep in with that whole oriental theme. Then all we are going to do is just toss that just a little bit. We do not have to get crazy and all involved. Just going to work that around because vegetables are going to make their own moisture and they are going to grab up that and as we toss some over here and on the grill, then they are going to go ahead and spread that love around on their own. What I have got going in the cooker right now, I have got the infrared cooker rolling. I have got to run it pretty high, got it up to about 450 degrees. I have got me a -- they call it a grilling wok and be really careful folks. Anytime you are messing with the stuff on the grill I have got an extra grabber right here. They call it a grilling wok and you could see that it has got holes that will let moisture through, but it will also let heat really come through on there. I want go ahead and hit that up with just a little bit of olive oil spray. Nothing is really going to stick anyways, but we just want to make sure that it does not. Get that on there, get these veggies on there and get them back in there in the heat. They are going to probably take about 15 or 20 minutes and we will be flipping them and messing around with them as we go. Remember, the thing got a lid on it, so we can check stuff. What we are going to do here in the next couple of minutes, is we are going to go ahead and get those shrimps, get them butterflied up and get them ready to go on so when these are probably about halfway done, we will put some shrimps on there, it will finish up, it will be time to crack a pop and sun's is coming out and it will be time for grilled vegetables. So let's just go ahead saute these things down a little bit. Our vegetables are on here, they have been sauteing for a little while and as you can see, they are looking nice. We are going to go ahead and remember, this thing is going to be hot in here so we want to go ahead and use our mitt or whatever we have got but just look at those vegetables. They are starting to saute down, starting to get soft.

    We do not want to make them too soft and mushy. We want them to make them soft enough. Now is the time to go ahead and throw some shrimp in there. Shrimp come in different sizes. These ones here that I have got I got a pound of what they call 21 to 23 count which means there is 21 to 23 per pound. The small the number, which means the bigger the shrimp would be, there would be less in there per pound. These ones have been deveined which means they have run something down to the back of it to take out that well, they are calling it a vain. We will leave it at that, that is fine with me. But this almost makes it a little partially butterflied which is what we are trying to do. We want to go just a little bit deeper so let me show you how we will do that. Being a little careful with our knives we just want to down that middle and just cut in there just a little deeper than what they got. We do not have worry about splitting it open or doing that kind of thing. The heat is going to do that. I went ahead and got these done before, I just went ahead and did them, but again, you just want to cut down there just a little bit deeper, then the deveining and you can see, it's about that deep, it's about work out good enough and you know what, it is time for these to go on because they are only going to take just a few minutes. I think one of the best things about shrimps, besides how they good they taste is, they have got a built-in little thermometer in them. When they get turning pink and white, they are ready. It ain't all that hard. So we are just going to go ahead and flip these around a few more times, get these shrimps down up, we are serving them probably about three or five more minutes on here and these are going to be done. If you look, man! Look at that, shrimps are looking beautiful, internal, little thermometer on them went off, they have went from being that little grayish, light-blue to that beautiful, I think it is kind of a coral color, kind of a pinkish color and the vegetables are cooked up, not too done, not too undone. We are going to go ahead and use the nice plate for this because the ladies are coming on over. We are just going to plate up some of those. Man, that is looking great! The mushrooms tendered up real good, the onions are done, the carrots are done, we have got lots of the shrimps everywhere. Man, if that does not say summer time and a good time then I just do not know really what.

    So the next thing we have got coming up is I am going to go ahead and show you how to make a grilled Caribbean garlic toast. I learned this from my friend. He is down in St. Thomas. When I was down there this winter, he showed me how to do this. Now it is my turn to show you. So after we munch on a couple of these shrimps here in a minute, it would be time for some garlic bread for our caribbean bbq.