How to Grip a Tennis Racquet for Forehand Swing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Frankie Dell demonstrates how to grip the racquet.

    Frankie Dell: Hey, I am Frankie Dell. I am a Professional Tennis Instructor. You are watching ground strokes and next, I am going to show you how to grip the racquet. Now there are three types of grips to use for the forehand. One is called the Eastern Forehand Grip and the way you achieve this is basically hold the racquet with your off hand and just shake hands with the grip. It's often called the shake hands grip. So if you would like to look what it looks like, you will see the V in my hand. It's along the right side of the grip. That's your Eastern Forehand Grip.

    Then we have what's called a Semi-Western Forehand Grip and that is a achieved by just turning the hand slightly to the right or if you would like you can place the racquet on the ground and just pick it up naturally. That will usually be the Semi-Western Forehand Grip.

    Then there is also the full Western Grip which appear -- if I am holding it in the Semi-Western Grip, you are going to move it even further to the right, just slightly. So we have Eastern Forehand Grip, Semi-Western Forehand Grip and Western Forehand Grip. That's the way you grip the racquet for a forehand. Pick one and let's continue.