How to Grout

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert contractor Mark Le Mon demonstrates how to grout.

    Mark Le Mon:You are learning how to tile. I am Mark Le Mon Project Manager.

    Hi, so today we are going to be grouting using the new Epoxy based grout which doesn't take any water. It's a kind of an AB mixture and you mix that with your color and your color will go on and we will clean that up a little vinegar and water solution which I will tell you later.

    Okay we are going to be putting up the grout. We want to start out the part A for your mixture, kind of squeeze it all like a tooth paste too if you can you want to get every bit of this mixture. It's very important to the composition of the Epoxy. Then we have got our part B mixture. I am going to put that straight into there. Alright it's good to use an electric mixer to mix these two ingredients together, prior to adding your color. You want them to be very well mixed. Too that we going to add our colors, while slowly mixing. This epoxy grout is a little bit different. You are going to be doing a lot of clean up but you want to make sure that you have your vinegar water mixture on hand because about 20 minutes after setting this you are going to be doing the clean up. This is very important stage and I rub it into the joints making sure you really get a good push. It's almost like cleaning the walls over and over again. Okay. Make sure every bit of hole is filled up. Okay we got our set up for approximately 30 minutes and I am now taking off all the excess with a mixture of vinegar and water. Approximately half cup of vinegar for two gallons of water. I am using it in a scrubbing fashion which will also remove any extra Thinset that might have been dried up on top of the tiles themselves. We remove all the excess and then I give it a tile dry with a clean terrycloth to remove any excess adhesive that might be on the surface of the tile that can cause any discolorations. Hi, now that you have learned how to use a sanding grout I am going to show you how to use a non sanding grout on a floor. First you mix your grout. In this case I am using a black grout on a black granite. To apply the grout I use the hand method for starters. You place it inside of everyone of the grouts you don't have to go over the entire tile. Rub it across your grouts just like this, pressing it deeply then you can take your rubber float this is a grout float and you are going to use a squeezy method in cleaning up any excess grout that you have over your joints. Okay once you get that off you are going to take your wet sponge give a light wipe over the area that you just grouted, flip your sponge. Let it dry for just a few then you are going to come over with your clean tile, you are going to wipe dry all the excess grout that is on your tiles and now you have it finished.