How To Grow Melons

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss shares his tips for growing the juiciest melons in your own garden.

    William Moss: Melons are the one of the most satisfying of the garden crops. Nothing beats the cool, sweet, juicy flesh if your own home grown melon on a hot summer day. There are lots of different types of melons. You've got your honeydew, you have got your cantaloupe and there are many other different types that we can grow out there.

    Now gardeners in northern areas may want to look for special types of melons too. Once that ripe in quickly, like this crimson sweet water melon or this baby sugar bush watermelon or this early silverline hybrid melon, and what's you always want to do before you plant this look on the back and we've got several here, 80 days, 80 days and then here's one that says 60 days. So you want to make sure that you're picking a melon that has enough time to ripe in your climate.

    It's best to soak the seeds before planting them. So you want just dump them out and then you want to place them into the cup of water. While they're soaking for water an hour, that gives you a chance to prepare the seedbed. Melons are best planted when the soil is about 70 degrees. Once everything is nice and smooth then you want to take a hoe or some other utensils, and just come down, and mark out a nice divot for your seeds to go in, so simple as that. Once you sow them they start germinate in about a week or two. You should keep a fungicide nearby, just to make sure those seedlings don't gets slow down by pottery mildew. You want to make sure, your melons have every advantage to ripen quickly and give you those juicy fruits as fast as possible. Start your melon now, so you can enjoy their sweet, juicy, homegrown flavor, fresh from the garden this summer. Get out and grow.