How to Hang Border

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional paperhanger Jim Tiner demonstrates how to hang wallpaper borders.

    Jim Tiner: Hi I am Jim Tiner professional paper hanger. Today we are hanging wallpaper borders. We have estimated, we have examined our border and now we are ready to hang it. Now hanging border is no different than hanging your wallpaper. The preparation is the same, the way we activate the paste or paste the paper is the same. It's just where you decide to put it. 90% of the time its used to hang around the ceiling. However you can use it at chair rail level.

    You can use it to accent anything you want to bring attention to in your room. In this case we are going to be hanging around the door. But basically I want to show you how to cut it and to install it. So I have hung the first piece. So I will smooth out and you notice that all your pattern is up, it has to be up. However when you hang your next piece that goes down the side of the door and again this is for demonstration, we want to keep our border going in the same direction. You will see that the bird house or the watering cans are going the same way. However you will also notice that we have gone past the top of our door so that it extends past the width of the border. You can use your vinyl smoother or you sweep and remember dont push too hard.

    It's not necessary to push on the wallpaper because you dont want to push out any of the paste. You want to keep the paste where it should be on the wall. You come down all the way to the bottom and we have cut our paper. Right now what are we going to do with this, you will always going to have a mismatch with this of course.

    Theres no way to get it to match perfectly when you are hanging a border. But right now you are going to need a straight edge usually your broad knife or you scraper or a longer, in this case we are going to need something longer or no matter whatever you use you are going to start right here, you see where the lines intersect, this is where you want to start, cut through, cut through and you are going to end up right on the corner of the door where the other two lines at the bottom of your border intersect.

    You can see that these are the lines we are concerned about, this we cant do anything about. However if you pick a pattern to hang for instance like a floral, flowers like here are all over the place and they wont effect the mismatches much, as something so dramatic as this.

    So one had to keep that in mind when you are picking out your border to pick a floral design something that is -- or something random. You do a door or window the same way you do the door. With them either, keeping in mind that you are not going to have a perfect match. Make sure you wash your wallpaper, so thats how you accent the door or a window. Next we are going to be hanging wallpaper borders on the ceiling.