How to Hang Wallpaper Borders

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional paperhanger Jim Tiner demonstrates how to hang wallpaper borders.

    Jim Tiner: Hi, I am Jim Tiner, professional paper hanger. Today we are going to be hanging wallpaper borders. We are going to be talking about estimating, installing, framing or accenting a particular area and hanging it on the ceiling. Also after we hang it on the ceiling we are going to mirror whats already on the ceiling. With this video, I am assuming that you already know how to hang wallpaper and if you dont, you can refer to previous videos on how to hang wallpaper. Also in hanging border, it is a two man job. If you think you can handle with alone, what Id like you to do is set it up so we have two ladders and a plank at least 10 to 15 feet in length because 10 to 15 feet is the length of the wall or the length of a sheet of border? So before we get started lets take a look at the tools we are going to use today. A sweep or a smoother, a vinyl smoother, a scrapper or a broad knife, a nice sharp razor blade or razor knife, paste brush and adhesives. A word about the adhesives this is what they called SEM adhesive. SEM adhesive is the same thing as border adhesive or vinyl to vinyl adhesive. This is only used when going over wallpaper. When the inside corner overlaps the inside corner wherever wallpaper goes over itself, this is what you use, otherwise you stay with the regular clear non-standing paste. You will also need a level especially if you are going to be using at a chair rail height you want to keep everything straight. In addition to that you going to need a sponge, some water to wash and a water trough because border needs the paste activated the same way wallpaper that you put on your walls do.

    Lets talk a little bit about safety. We are going to be on a ladder, or a plank. We are going to be using sharp objects such as razor knifes and razor blades. I want you to keep in mind all of these things. I want you to have a successful and safe job. Okay so before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Ive been hanging paper since 1981. My businesses, I own and operate here in Alexandria, Virginia. I have done everything from residential to commercial work. Ive put up all kinds of wallpapers, taken and done all kinds of wallpaper and today we are going to hang wallpaper borders. So lets get started.