How To Harvest Root Crops

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to harvest root crops, including how to dry and store them.

    William Moss: Root crops like onions and potatoes are nutritious and easy to grow; if you harvest them properly, you could have that home-ground produce even in winter time. Today we're talking harvesting and storing root crops.

    What we're talking about today are root crops like the potatoes, the onions, and the sweet potatoes. Those things that are tuberose and true bulbs and a keep for a long time. Harvest your potatoes towards the end of the season. Generally lift them using a garden fork, you don't want to use a shovel or you may slice through them or injure the crop. As you are cleaning them off you may occasionally find some that are green. Green potatoes are inedible, this means too much sun got to this guy, don't need him.

    Once you've got them up, generally lift the whole plant and pull the potatoes off. Do not wash them, brush or gently wipe the soil off of the crop, then lay the potatoes on a screen or drying rack, in the shelf for a couple of days. Then once they're completely dry you can store them in a cool, dark, dry place for months. It's the same with onions, except you don't need a garden fork. A hand trial would do. With proper harvest and the storage you'll enjoy your garden onions and potatoes all through winter. Get out and grow.