How To Help Teens Who Resist Adult Help

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin discusses how parents can help teens who resist homework help.

    Ann Dolin: Asking for help is an important life skill and the good news is that they are the strategies parents can use to help encourage this positive behavior.

    First of all, it's really important to stay positive and not to scold or interrogate. The more uncomfortable or embarrassed kids feel, the less likely they are to ask a teacher or a parent for help when it's needed.

    Try this instead, for younger children, role play a situation or practice asking for help from the teacher. Have the child play the role of the teacher first, and then switch. This helps to show the child that asking for help is normal and that it's nowhere near as stressful as they pictured it.

    For older students, help them to draft an email to the teacher to ask for help. Model the email yourself, but involve your child in the process. This takes the pressure away from face to face interaction and most students are already familiar with the medium.

    Soon they will understand that teachers are eager to assist and that asking for help is a powerful tool when you need to get the work done.

    With a better persistence and a lot of encouragement, your student will become comfortable asking for help and gain some confidence to boot, so stick with it; the results are always worth it.