How to Highlight-Part Hair & Apply Color

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christopher Byer demonstrates how to section the hair off and how to apply the color.

    Christopher Byer: Hi, I am Christopher Byer with Christopher's Salon & Massage. I am going to show you how to highlight your hair today. We are going to start sectioning the hair off and then I am going to show you how to apply the color. We do a center parting. If you look over you can see basically from the nose back, creating the T- parting.

    Now we are going to start at the nape of the neck okay and weave the hair. This is the one section so you have your foils ready. You take the foil, flap side is going to go down and then pinch it with them and you apply all the way down. Then you make your first fold, make your fold halfway up here and you fold again trying to get this as close to the scalp. As you do that, you lift up, you take the comb and you push down, nice and tight and then fold this down kind of pulling slightly down, slide this out. But this is during the locking the foil on so you don't get any overflow of color and bleeding and you fold it and see it's a nice, firm, little package. So then you just repeat the first step again. So if you like it more striped effect you will take bigger sections in your weave. For Michelle, we want a more blended natural like so we are going to take smaller sections and you just bounce the comb through that parting. Very important to tying them very fastly while you do this so that your -- for this series of process you take the same amount of time. When you first start out you should probably try using a lower volume of developer here at the base, moving at to a higher level in the front to compensate for the time it takes you to place the foils in. This will be our last foil for this back section. So now we are going to move on to our front. We are going to do a row down like this. So you take this little triangle out, place it over here and that hair you leave out of weaving, we don't foil that. Now we are just going back to alternating the highlighting of low light, taking a little bit smaller sections in the front than as you do in the back because we want the color to be a little more concentrated in the front area, making the front a bit lighter than the back because you want the frame of the face to be highlighted more. At times we see the celebrities and they look like they kind of have a little glowy effect in the front it's because you have put a little bit lighter in the front. When you are working towards the front, you want to be cautious not to let the product fall into the eyes, that could be very serious damage to the eyes where you have to immediately flush them with water. So you just carefully apply around there, the front hairline. So now we place the clips in the hair elevating all of your foils, keep them off her face and to help the color so that everything stays nice and secure so nothing slips. Sometimes you would leave them hanging and it will start slipping down, just keep it right where it is supposed to be. So then what we are going to do is here we are going to put her under the heat lamps.