How to Hone a Kitchen Knife

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter demonstrates how to hone a kitchen knife. This is a sharpening or a honing steel.

    Jim Davis: Hi there! Chef Jim Davis here for Harris Teeter. I want to show you now how to hone a kitchen knife. This is a sharpening or a honing steel. Not a sharpening steel, this is a honing steel. What that means is it doesn't remove steel from your blade. When you sharpen a knife, you remove steel. When you hone a knife, you simply realign the edge to make it sharp again. Using a chef's knife and the honing steel, we put our knife at about a 20 angle. If we assume that that's 90 and that's about 45 then that's about 20, what we want to do is we want catch the heel of our blade at the heel of the steel and just take it down so that the tip comes off at the tip of the steel. Use the whole length. See that. Then to do the other side, we'll simply put it up underneath. And maintain that 20 angle, just like that and if you're using a smaller knife, same thing. Again catching the steel, with the heel of the knife at the top and running the entire length, just like that. We don't need to do it fast and show off. We just want to get a realigned edge on our knife blade. And for the smaller knife, we do exactly the same thing. Just like that. This maintains your blade and maintains a knife sharp for a long period of time. Most years, I will have my knives professionally sharpened once a year, use them everyday. And all I do is use a honing steel every time I use the knives. Coming up next, how to use a knife sharpener.

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