How To Identify A Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls discusses how to identify a tire pressure monitoring system.

    Tyson Boyer: Hi! I am Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls. Today I am discussing how to identify if a vehicle has a direct tire pressure monitoring system. There are two type of tire pressure monitoring systems direct and indirect.

    Less than 5% of passenger vehicles with the model year of 2008 and newer have a new direct system which does not utilize tire pressure sensors in the wheel. We are going to address direct systems only.

    We direct system as a pressure sensor in the vehicle wheels that communicate via radio frequency to the dashboard. The direct system will alert the driver when the air pressure drops 25% or lower than the required pressure as noted on the vehicle driver door placard.

    Unsure if the vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system? Turn the key on and watch for the light on the dashboard to illuminate. There are three styles of tire pressure monitoring sensors in the direct system.

    Number one is the rubber stem. In most situations you can identify this by removing the valve cap and looking for a bevel or elongated section between the threads and rubber of the stem.

    Number two is the clamping; it can come as one piece unit or as a two piece with an adjustable angle. The clamping is passing to the wheel using the washer, rubber grommet and a hex nut.

    Number three is the banded sensor, it is fastened to the drop center of the wheel inside the mounted tire and wheel assembly using a band clamp and plastic clip. And that's how to identify a direct tire pressure monitoring system.