How To Improve and Regulate Indoor Air Quality

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Brian Schutt with Homesense Heating and Cooling discusses the importance of indoor air quality and how an air purifier may help.

    Brian Schutt: The average American spends about 90% of their time indoors even more so in winter months. With all the time spent inside, its important to consider your indoor air quality. I am Brian Schutt Owner of HomeSense Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis.

    Research shows that 91% of homes have some indoor air quality issue, ranging from inconsistent humidity levels to airborne particles. Almost all airborne particles including allergens, viruses, and smoke are small enough to remain airborne and not deducted by the naked eye. Here are a few steps to take to reduce the particles and improve the quality of your air. Sweep, vacuum and dust, dirt and allergen particles. Make sure your kitchen exhaust release outside so smoke doesnt remain indoors.

    Bathe and groom your pets to reduce pet dander and use natural air freshness as other may emit chemical pollutants into the air. However an air purifier can be one of the most effective tools to help resolve your indoor air quality problems. Air purifiers come in many different sizes and styles but some like Carrier Infinity air purifier work in conjunction with an HVAC-system. Air in the HVAC Unit will pass through the purifiers filter capturing pollen, dander, bacteria and other particles.

    Infinity air purifier also kills these cells using an electric charge. When purchasing an air purifier its worth considering the MERV are minimum, efficiency, reporting value. MERV ratings are design with numbers 1 to 16 indicating a filters performance to reduce smaller particles.

    A purifier with a MERV rating a 15 such as the Infinity is 85% to 95% efficient in killing these smallest particles testing. When using an air purifier just make to regularly change the filter per the manufacturers instructions. Some systems might even feature an automatic reminder. With these tips its easy to ensure you and your family, are breathing safe quality air in your home.

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