How To Improve Indoor Air Quality With Plants

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss discusses the beneficial effects house plants have on home air quality.

    William Moss: Indoor air quality is often worsted outdoors. Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided us with living air filters. If you choose the right plants, you can have color, vibrancy and fresh air indoors all winter. Today we are talking improving your air quality.

    Indoor air quality is often sometimes described as toxic, especially if you are in office building or other places where you have a lot of fumes, so there are things that we can do to get the air quality a little bit better and that's grow plants.

    Plants have the remarkable ability to pull in air and they basically filter it out and they release pure oxygen on the other side. There are ones that we can use in shade such as Pothos or maybe even the fern. If you haven't got much light you can try ones like that.

    But don't be scared to try even the flowering plants. They are fantastic at filtering air as well. So if you got a lot of bright light, then maybe the African Violets or the Cyclamen, even an Orchid all these things are not only beautifying your home, they are also purifying the air.

    And I am going to pile up a couple of superstars as I am talking about them. This fern is one that's great for the office. And here is another superstar, its Antherium. Not only is it a beautiful flower, but it also is really good at taking out cleaners like ammonia.

    So with these two guys together, you know I can place this in an office, I can place it almost anywhere, because these are medium light plants, they are going to look fantastic for me at the same time as they are filtering air and improving my air quality.

    So use a good potting mix and be sure to follow the watering instructions on the tag. So although its winter and you can't go outdoors to garden, you can garden indoors and improve your air quality. Stay in and grow.