How to Install a Deadbolt

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Improvement Expert Ryan Arensdorf discusses how to install a deadbolt.

    Ryan Arensdorf: Hi! I am Ryan with Just doors in Sterling Virginia. Today we are going to be walking you through the steps of how to properly install a deadbolt. Proper deadbolt installation is essential to the security of your home. Today we will walk you through the steps on how to properly install a deadbolt.

    The tools needed to properly install a deadbolt are a 18 volt or more powerful drill, Phillips head screwdriver, 2-1/8 hole saw, 8 inch drill bit, 1 inch paddle bit, claw hammer, 1 inch chisel, 1/2 inch chisel and 3/4 inch chisel, deadbolt backset and all parts for the deadbolt, a tape measure, speed square, marking pencil and protective goggles.

    When choosing a deadbolt, there are a couple of different factors you want to consider. One is the color caming, hinges, threshold, things like that, so that you keep the uniform appearance. Another thing is if you have glass in the door such as this, some people might want to put in a deadbolt that has a key on both sides. So that when the door is locked and the key is removed, even if someone breaks the glass, they cant open the door.

    Now if you choose a deadbolt with key on both sides, just keep in mind that there is a possible fire-hazard and make sure everybody in the house knows where the key is and that its somewhere close to the door but away from the glass.

    Before we begin, remember power tool safety is always important. Be careful when you are around sharp tools and power tools. Also make sure to always wear safety goggles when you are drilling. Children of course should not be around when performing this job as there will be wood-splinters, shaving and screws.

    Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about Just doors and what we do. We are residential door contractor. We specialize in the installation of replacement doors. Doors installation and lock installation go hand in hand. So we feel that we have the best knowledge of how to properly install a deadbolt that we can share with you. So lets go ahead and begin.