How to Install a DVD Drive on a Computer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jay Simenson of Valcom Computer demonstrates how to install a DVD drive on a computer.

    Jay Simenson: Hi, I am Jay with Valcom. Today we are building a computer and in this segment we will be connecting the case cables, installing the fans, installing the video card, installing the DVD drive and the hard drive. First, we will be installing the front panel connectors, the Power Supply switch, the On-Off switch, the Reset switch, the power LED, and the hard drive LED. The front panel header is color coded, so it's just a matter of sliding the pins over the correct color to get that connection going. There the front panel connectors are on. Next, we will be installing the USB header. It has a key connection on it, so it can only connect one way to the USB header on the motherboard. Next, the case fan gets installed to the motherboard. It is keyed so it will slide on only way and here is the fan header right here, slide it over the pins and our case fan is installed. Next, we are going to install the DVD drive, we need to remove this front bezel here and if you reach in the case and push it out, it's the easiest way to remove it. Then grab your optical drive and it should slide right in there. In some cases you may have to mount rails under the side of the optical drive, this case just slides straight in. Line it up in front of the case and then screw it down. We need to install the screws for that DVD drive, I go right in here, and we need to put screws on the both sides of the case. In this case we don't need to install screws, it has mounting brackets that slid right into the holes of the DVD drive, so we are good to go.

    Next we will install the hard drive. It goes right in one of the slots. We try to install low so we don't have any interference with the memory or anything, we will slide it right in the slots and line up the holes here. Hard drive has mounting holes on the other sides, we will make sure that we put screws on that side also. Now we have our hard drive securely mounted in the case. Next we are going to be installing the video card. Our card in the left here is an AGP card. It's is an older video card, it has a different slot than our newer card. The card on the right is our PCI Express card. The slot is located further back on it and this is the card we are going to be using in our installation. So we will grab our video card and slide it into the PCI Express slot, I want to make sure it lines up with the back and then firmly slide it into the slot, maybe pushing on the front first, wiggle it into the slot and once it's firmly seated, I am going to take a screw and screw it down to the case. We also want to make sure to lock the card in the place. There is a clip down here and if we just click it in the place, that will lock the card down and that finishes connecting the internal guts of the computer, in our next clip we will be installing the data cables, the power cables, the external power, keyboard, mouse and monitor.