How to Install a New Toilet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Plumbing expert Willie Washington demonstrates the installation of a new toilet.
    Willie Washington: Hi, my name is Willie Washington. I am with Leedway Plumbing Company here in Madera, California and today's topic is how to replace the toilet. Right now we are going to be going into how to install the new toilet. Now what I do I start with putting on a pair of gloves and that's because I am going to be taking off this wax ring here. I will set the new toilet aside here.We are taking off the wax ring here, this is the old wax which I will set right here. Then I use my scraper and I scrape the wax that is left on the floor, scrape it off of here. So now you have all the wax scraped off, now what we are going to do go back to your crescent wrench and you are going to undo the bolts from the bottom here.So your bolts have come right up. Now you are going to be taking your new bolts. Take your new bolt set and place it there and there you have it there so now we have got one side bolts on. So you just line the bolts up so that they are even and you tighten it down with your crescent wrench and you have it, the bolts are in and then I am going to be taking the wax ring here and putting on in the wax that just sits there right in the middle and you firmly just press on it a little bit so that it's secured at the floor.So now you have got wax here. So now my next step, since I am done with all of that I am going to be placing the toilet on top of the bolt and wax ring. You gently place it right, line it up with each side and you press down so that you feel the wax secure it to the floor. Then we are going to take your bolts down here for the toilet to secure it to the floor. You take a plastic washer, do it for both sides. You take your crescent wrench and you tighten. So now you have got the toilet in, it's secured to the floor and your toilet is installed.