How To Install A Pressure Pool Cleaner

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tessa McHenry of Zodiac Pool Systems demonstrates how to install a pressure pool cleaner.

    Tessa McHenry: Hi! I am Tessa McHenry from Zodiac Pool systems. Today we're going to show you how to install a pressure side pool cleaner.

    Pressure cleaners are the most powerful type of cleaner and are extremely effective in picking up medium to large debris. They work as moving return line, distributing clean chlorinated heated water throughout the pool. This helps eliminate cold spots and edgy blooms in trouble areas.

    And pressure cleaners deposit debris and an easy to clean bag which can reduce filter cleanings up to 80%. There are two types of pressure pool cleaners, those that require a dedicated booster pump and those that run off a filter pump. The installation process for these two types of pressure cleaners is essentially the same. The first step is to be sure you how a dedicated pressure line with an inch and half female fitting.

    Next, flush out the return line by turning the pump on for about a minute and then turn it off. Install the universal wall fitting or UWF by disconnecting it and screw it on the fitting. Reattach the quick disconnect by inserting it into the universal wall fitting then turn it clockwise and pull.

    Next, adjust the hose link to fit the pool. The leader hose should be adjusted to the deepest part of the pool. The standard leader hose is long enough to reach the bottom of an 8 1/2 foot deep pool. If the pool is shallower than 8 1/2 feet, cut the leader hose as necessary. Connect the hose to the return line and walk it across to the furthest corner of the pool.

    The hose needs to be within 6 inches longer or shorter of the furthest point of the pool. If the hose is too long, cut half the amount from each of the sections and reconnect it. For example, if the hose is 4 feet too long, cut 2 feet from each of the remaining sections, if it's too short, extensions can be purchased at your local pool dealer.

    After the correct length is achieved, adjust the floats. You should place one float against the back up valve on the cleaner to improve vertical lift during the back-up cycle. The remaining floats should be evenly spaced to reduce tangling. If you notice issues with tangling after the hose is properly fitted, additional swivels can be purchased.

    To assemble the pool cleaner remove the mender nut from the hose, place the nut on the feed pipe then push the hose over the barb and thread the mender nut on to the hose. Pull the bag out of the cleaner body and attach the bag collar to the feed hose. Then push the head float all the way against the pool cleaner's body. Place the cleaner in the pool and turn the pump on to test the wheel speed.

    To do this, mark the tire with a blade of grass or some other object and count the number of wheel rotations. The ideal number of rotations is 32 to 36 rotations per minute. If the number of rotations is fewer than 32, remove the pressure disc which is installed in the universal valve feeding to increase pressure to the cleaner.

    Further adjustments to customize the cleaner's performance for you pool can be made by the thrust jet in the back of the cleaner. To increase timing, place the thrust jet in the 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock position. To decrease timing place the thrust jet in the 5 o'clock to 7 o'clock position. To further adjust power to the drive, you can change the suite tale motion by rotating the sweep adjustment valve to the left to decrease sweeping or to the right to increase it and that's it. You can enjoy your clean pool all year long.

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