How To Install A Valve Mounted Tire Pressure Monitoring Stem

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls demonstrates how to install and remove a rubber snap-in tire pressure monitoring valve stem.

    Tyson Boyer: Hi! I am Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls. Today, I'm going to show you how to install a valve mounted tyre pressure monitoring sensor.

    First, start by selecting the appropriate replacement sensor for the application from your data guide or by looking online. Now, let's look at the install process for snapping sensor.

    Insert the rubber or 1-piece valve stem in the wheel hole. The rubber stem should be pulled in the position using a valve stem puller while the sensor is not attached. Be sure, the rubber stem is properly seated in the rim. Attach the sensor to the valve stem using the torque screw. For aluminum style clamping sensors, install the hex nut in torque to the appropriate specifications as displayed on the sensor package. If it is an adjustable sensor angle, align it to the wheel angle while tightening.

    And finally, ensure the new valve cores correctly installed by checking the torque with the appropriate tool.

    Now, you can inflate the tire to the correct pressure and then finger tighten the ceiling valve cap. Ensure, there are no leaks through or around the valve stem.

    And that's how you install a clamping and snapping replacement tyre pressure sensor.