How to Install a Water Line on a Dishwasher

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy-man Hans Vatter demonstrates how to install a new water line.

    Hans Vatter: Hi, I am Hans Vatter and today we are installing a dishwasher. In this clip, we are going to be doing an inspection underneath the dishwasher which has been previously removed. We are going to be installing a new water line. Okay, now the first thing we want to do we are going to inspect it, the new electrical line that the electrician had put in force and it looks like he did a really fine job. We have a nice hole in that patch to where he was working. We now have a copper electrical line. We will check this line and make sure that it is dead before we go any further. We will get our electric tester out and we will verify that we have a electrical source and it's working and the circuit is dead. You have to make sure because with the electrician worked on it, he may have left the circuit breaker on and we don't want to touch it and get shocked. Now let's replace that water line. This end, it attaches to the dishwasher has already been connected and we are going to be working underneath the sink where we shut the water off. We are going to put in a new, flexible, stainless steel water line. Now that we are under the sink we can take and loose the copper water line from the shutoff valve and this one has a flair fitting and what we are going to have to end up doing is changing the flair fitting to a compression fitting and I will show you that in just a minute. We will take a crescent wrench, loosen the nut and you should be able to take it off with your figures once you loosen the nut. If you can't, you just continue using the wrench until the nut is removed form the fitting. We are going to fish that copper water line back out of the hole from where it goes under the dishwasher. We will continue that in just a minute. We will get the copper in the end which you can buy at any local hardware store and this is just a simply female flair thread to a male compression fitting and it's good. It has a little nylon washer that goes in there to make sure that the thread seal around the flair. We will screw that on and tighten it up with a wrench. You don't want to over tighten this because remember, it does have a nylon washer inside that should take up the tightening as a -- you don't want to over tighten it. Alright, we are going to remove the rest of the copper water line from the other side of the cabinet and we will come back to this. Okay, we are going to go in and finish removing this copper water line. Okay, since we have got the water line out of the way we are on this side of the dishwasher we are going to go ahead and we are going to push our, near to the water line that we will connect to the valve back through the same hole that the copper water line came out of. Now, we will go back to the underneath side of the sink and we will finish up connecting the water line. Inside of this compression fitting on this water line there is a piece of rubber so and again when you go to tighten it up on to your compression fitting on the valve you don't have to over tighten it as you have is a rubber seal. We will screw that on to your adaptor that we have put on. We will do the finger tight at first and then we will finish it up with the wrench. Okay, that's just about tightened up. You just don't want to be able to -- if it turns, it's a little bit loose. Next, we will be installing the water line adaptor in the drain line.