How to Install and Finish Drywall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Improvement Expert Eric Johnson discusses how to install and finish drywall.

    Eric Johnson: Hi! I am Eric Johnson with Johnson Drywall. Today, we are going to give you an introduction on how to install drywall. First, you will measure the wall, the length, how much, what you will need for the drywall, cut-off, what you dont need. If its a 10 feet wall and you are using a 12 foot sheet, you will cut-off 2 feet. Then you will glue the studs. Once you have got your measurement, you can cut your drywall and glue the studs. Your next step will be bringing the top piece in, which you always want to hang the top piece first. Then you screw, hold the driver up and screw it on.

    Then after that, you get the bottom piece on to, the same thing. You will tape it and then after the tape dries, you will come back to the block coat on and with a 10 inch knife. Thats spreading the mud in, filling up the recess. After that it dries, the next day you will put a skim coat on it which is skimming right over the top of your block coat, right the down type. The next day after that dries, we will come back to sand it. Thats it and you are ready to paint.

    For the hanging part, you will need a tape measure, utility knives, and a hammer and a screw gun to screw the screws in. You will need a T-square too to cut the drywall straight. Then for the finishing, you will need, kind of, 12 inch pan or a 14 inch pan. You will need a 6 inch knife, a 10 inch knife and a 12 inch knife. For sanding, you will just need to get a sanding stick with a sand paper on it and a sanding sponge to do the angles with.

    The precautions for safety yet, you would like to have boots on with steel toes. So in case the drywall slips out of your hands and falls on your toes, it will not hurt your toes. Eye protection is a good thing too, in case the nail pops out when you are trying to nail the screw, when you have screwed it in.

    I have in drywall for 20 years. I started off as a hanger and then went to finishing. Now I am a supervisor. Now we will show you how to install it.