How To Install And Remove A Banded Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls demonstrates how to install and remove a banded tire pressure monitoring sensor.

    Tyson Boyer: Hi! I am Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls. Today I am going to show you how to install a banded tire pressure monitoring sensor. Banded sensors can be found on select 2006 to 2011 models of Ford, LINCOLN, Mercury and Mazda the vehicles. The banded sensor can be blue or black for applications up to 65PSI, and green for high-pressure applications such as a ford super duty truck. Standard rubber valve stems are used on these vehicles. Let's look at the removal process. First remove the valve cap in valve core to release all of the air from the tire. Next after removing the tire from the wheel release the plastic clip and pull the sensor free from the cradle using the flathead screwdriver. Select the appropriate replacement sensor for the application from your data guide or by looking online.

    Now let's look at the install process, first install a new sensor into the cradle by inserting the hinge section into the hook-end of the cradle, push the opposite end of the sensor down. Next, install a new clip to secure the sensor, and finally replace the standard rubber valve stem. If a new cradle and band as required, the old band can be remove from the wheel by clipping the band. Install a new band by sliding it through the cradle around the wheel and tied it with the socket or screwdriver. Cut of any access band most bands available the after market feet up to 26 inch wheels. Once the banding cradles are in place, install the new sensor into the cradle securing that with the clip, and that's how you install a banded tire pressure monitoring sensor.