How To Install Garden Row Covers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to install row covers to protect plants in your garden.

    William Moss: Bed your garden as frost repairs. Temperature swings and insects can damage or completely ruin a crop. However, we can take action. Today we're installing row covers.

    Row covers or frost blankets are typically used to keep plants protected from those freezes sometime in late spring. However, because they are a physical barrier they also can protect against insects, all we need are few materials.

    Of course we need a row cover or frost blanket, some landscape staples and a hammer. Simply roll your blanket out as much you're going to need and now I can cut off my strip. And once you have your piece, save the rest for later and now take your blanket and spread it out across your bed.

    Now when you spread out your frost blanket or row cover on top of your plants, you don't have to worry about shading them out. This is a frost blanket not a shade cloth, so all the light is going to get through, it's still going to be full sun for the cucumbers inside.

    The landscape pins driven straight in, you really don't even need a hammer a lot of times; it just makes it easier on your fingers. And that's about it. If you've got them too, if you want a raised bed, you can also clamp it down on top just for a little extra protection.

    Row covers give us extra protection and help get us closer to about it for harvest. Get out and grow!