How to Install Grapevine Garland

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Joe Waroquier demonstrates how to install grapevine garland in your home.

    Hi, my name is Joe Waroquier. I am an interior designer with Sage in Great Falls, Virginia. I have been interior designing for about ten years, and I have had some great projects from large scale to small scale. Then, I had some pretty meaningful projects, some holiday decorating. So what I am going to show you today? Today, I am going to show you how to turn a basic outdoor screened in patio into a very comfortable outdoor living space. The way were going to do is by hanging a lighting fixture around the circumference of the space.

    To do this project, I am going to show you roughly four steps on how to complete it. First, were going to hang a grapevine garland around the circumference of the room. Secondly, I am going to show you how to apply some beautiful greens to the garland to create color and texture. Third, were going to hang the lighting element and fourth, I am going to show you how to accessorize the space with furniture, and little small pieces just to add a little bit of character to the space.

    But to get started, let me first explain the products that we are going to use. The garland of the grapevine that I am going show you is this here. You can pick this up at your local craft store or floral store. The garland has a nice texture to it and also is going to have a little bit of weight to help hang the greens that I am going to show you next. The greens you can pick up, again a craft store or a floral store, and they are going to be ones that are a little bit more texturized with a great color to it. In this particular case, were going to use a bush and we are going to cut it apart.

    Another type of green were going to apply is a green stick. The stick is one thats a little bit of a rubbery texture, but the actual texture itself is a little bit more rustic. So, not only to the sight does it have a real sense but to the touch it does as well. Here again, I am using another different textured-sized leaf. This particular leaf is a little bit more weathered and muted to compliment the green that were going to apply as well. This particular stick can also be manipulated, so that you can have a little bit more draping affect going on from the ceiling. After all, it is an outdoor space.

    The other element, of course, that we need is our lighting element. The particular lighting element that were going to use is these great lanterns, copper lanterns that you can pick up at several of your home good stores. The lanterns as you can see are strung like Christmas lights on a particular line here that were going to hide and thats why were doing all of these wonderful elements. To hang the elements, we need a couple of tools. We need a great starry ladder; you want to be safe at all times during the project. Were also going to use some cutting sheers from, again, a nice floral store or a hardware store, and floral wire to help secure the garland to the hook by which I am going to show you how to install. You need a sturdy hook. This particular hook is of 12-gauge hook that were going to apply into the ceiling of the room, and we are also going to there for to apply the wire and all our elements to it.

    For a fun whimsical action, Ive chosen to use curly willow as something to apply at the very end just so you can have a little bit more stick action going on with a whimsical field.

    So, now lets get start it.