How to Install New Garbage Disposer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handy man Joe Wise demonstrates how to install a garbage disposer.

    Joe Wise: Hi, I am Joe Wise, owner of Built Wise Constructions in Orlando, Florida. We are continuing to do our video on how to remove a garbage disposer. Now comes the dirty part. I have already got the screws out of here, I am going to pop this ring off and then I am going to take the mounting bracket and now we have got the mounting out of the sink. We are going to clean off the old plumber's putty here, just clean that up really good. If you don't clean this up, the new plumber's putty wouldn't stick to it very good. Now we got that cleaned out of there. I have got the old mounting hardware out of there. We are going to go back with the new one. Let me show you how that works. I am going to get rid of this cap. We don't need this later on. Then we are going to separate this you unit from the mounting hardware itself and that's what this is for. Just little we used up underneath the sink, we are going to bring this back little that and as you can see it interlocks, see how it interlocks there and then we are just going to pull this whole mounting bracket off completely. Now that we have got the mounting hardware off the disposer itself, we are going to loosen these screws up a little bit here on the mounting hardware, I am going to pop this ring, that's actually what walks everything in there. See how that ring pops off of there? Take about a quarter pound of plumber's putty and this stuff doesn't dry out very quickly. It takes tens of years to make it dry out. We are going to make a bead of plumber's putty, just probably half an inch thicker maybe. It doesn't -- quarter to half inch. You don't have to go around it. We are just going to seal this around here. Then we are going to just out it down into the middle of the sinkhole and just push, press down. That's going to squish out the sides and we are not going to worry about that if we get it tightened down. We will just take and we will just take that screwdriver and we will just clean that edge up. But that's going to keep the water from leaking down underneath it. We are going to put the water shrouds back on there that goes around where the plumber's putty is, put the mounting bracket back on there. I am going to put the mounting bracket, screw assembly back here and we are going to put this locking ring back on it like that and hear it clip and tighten up these screws. Take the edge of your screwdriver, just getting all of your leftover plumber's putty out of there. Now that we have the mounting assembly in, we are going to hook up the electricity. As you can see this one has a plate over it where the old one didn't, this is the way it is supposed to be. So we are going to unscrew that, pull the wires out, if you have a black and a white wire there and then you have a place right here for the ground. It is where actually I unplugged the unit. I am going to take that off. This unit -- some of the units will come with these electrical wire stoppers and then you want to put these on here because what you do when you stick your wire through there you can clamp down on and keep it from pulling out in case if somebody would pull the wire.

    So we are going to install that, then we are going the put the wire down into the electrical box of the unit. Once we have that pulled through there like that, I want to tighten down on this clamp and that will hold the electrical wire in place very tightly so it doesn't move or somebody cant stick something up underneath and pull it loose. Now that we have that wire in place, we are going to hook the white wire to the white wire, we are going to go black to black. You want to make sure you check your connections by pulling on your wires, because if it comes loose, you want it to come loose now, not after you have got the electricity turned back on. Those are good and tight, not going to pull loose. Now we are going to put the ground wire on. Ground wire is the wire without any insulation around it or any color to it. It is a brass looking wire, gold, put it around the screw and we are going to tighten the screw down on it. It is actually ground to the unit. We are going to put our wires back in the box, put the cover back on, screw back in it, now we are ready to take this unit up and attach to the mounting hardware that we just installed a few minutes ago. You want to make sure that your waste line is pointed out in the direction that you are going to hook your waste pipes up on, then we are going to push up into here and do the exact opposite as we did to take the mounting hardware apart. I am going to go counterclockwise, we are going to use this tool, hook it in the ring like we did before, turn this opposite the ring, tighten that unit up just little that. We will make sure that, that's twisted all the way around, we got our supply kicked down here. Now we will get ready to hook up our waste lines to the garbage disposer. 2