How to Install Tile

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert contractor Mark Le Mon demonstrates how to install tile.

    Mark Le Mon: Hi, I am Mark Le Mon and we are going to tile today. Here are the basics in installing tile. First you want to remove your floor, you want to measure your perimeter, latch your tiles, cut the areas that need to be cut, you want to install your tiles and you want to finish by grouting and cleaning the surface.

    First thing you want to have on hand, the most important, plenty of clean water, a sponge and a lot of clean tiles. I feel like I am making a cake. Rubber gloves, protect your hands, you are going to need your tile spacers, a tape measure, a wax clamp, an under crutch saw which is reversible to take care of all your doorways and all your good trims. A notched trowel, a level, a rubber grout float, Thinset, I am using the premix version today, there is also the powder that you mix yourself. I have been tiling for over a decade, I don't want to admit that but it has been a long time. Okay, let's get started.