How to Install Windows XP on your Computer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jay Simenson of Valcom Computer demonstrates how to install Windows XP on a computer.

    Jay Simenson: Hi, I am Jay from Valcom, we are building a computer today and we are just finishing up. We will be checking the BIOS, installing Windows and then go in surfing. As soon as we go ahead and turn the computer on, and then when the BIOS screen appears go ahead and press F2 to get into BIOS and we will check out the settings there. Okay, the main BIOS screen shows our processor, we have Core 2 DUO E6850, we have 3.

    0 gigahertz processor speed, we have 2 GB of RAM installed, we can see Slot 0 installed and we have Slots 0 on channel B installed, shows us our time indeed. If we go over to the Advanced Configuration page. Now we want to go into the Boot Configuration, so that we are going to boot from the DVD first. First go over to the Boot menu, so we can tell the computer to boot from DVD. So it shows this on Boot Device Priority we have got CD, DVD first and then hard drive second. So that's all we need in there. It also shows us our hard drive and it shows us our DVD drive. So I will exit save changes and all is we do is press Enter there and then say, Yes again to save the settings. So now we will insert our Windows XP Professional CD, so we can boot to that. Screen should come up and tell us to press any key and here we are in Windows Setup. Now we are at set up portion of Windows. We are going to go ahead and press Enter to set up Windows now. We will go ahead and we are going to Enter for the Express set up and let Windows configure all the settings for us. We will go ahead and enter Administrator password, we are going to use monkeysee for this occasion and hit Enter. We will go ahead and agree to the Window XP Licensing Agreement. Windows has now restarted and now it will finish it's installation, it will load any of the drivers that it can load. So we will just wait for it to finish up. So we will go ahead and enter the product key right off our XP sticker. We will select Next and it will finish installing Windows. This is the first screen after Windows has installed itself, it wants to go ahead and press we will press Next here. I always select the 'Help protect my PC for automatic updates' and then press Next and we will put in the name and that will be the User name for the computer. You can add additional users, but they can be added later also. So we will press Next and then Finish. Now we know, we have windows loaded on our PC that we just build and that's how easy is to build a computer. Anybody can do it, so I hope you enjoyed these clips and I am Jay Simenson for Valcom and thanks for watching.