How To Keep Kids & Pets Safe In The Car

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA explains how to keep kids and pets safe in the car in warm weather.

    Jennifer Davidson: Did you know that a vehicle can quickly become a death trap even on a mild and sunny day? Over exposure to the inside of a hot car can cause heat stroke, a deadly condition that can kill your child or your pet.

    Even a 72 degree day can cause life threatening heat stroke in children. That's because a child's body can heat up five times faster than in adults. Temperatures inside a car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.

    Heat stroke occurs when the body can't cool itself down fast enough and the core body temperature rises to dangerous levels. While it sounds like common sense, always take your child with you when you leave your vehicle.

    For pets, days above 90 degrees can be extremely dangerous. When people over heat we sweat to pull it down, but our four legged friends must pant to rid themselves of excess heat.

    While this is an efficient way to control body heat, it's severely limited in areas of extreme temperatures, humidity or enclosed corridors. If your pet can't come with you when you get out of the car, leave them at home.

    Prevention is the best way to keep hyperthermia at bay, just remember to act. A, avoid heat stroke related injury and death by never leaving your child or pet in the car even for a minute. C, create reminders and habits that give you a safety net.

    Leave an item you need in the back seat so you don't forget about your loved one. T, take action if you see an unattended child or pet in a vehicle, dial 911 or call the animal control and follow instructions provided.

    The best care for heat stroke is prevention. Never leave a child or a pet alone in the car and remind others to do the same.