How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine reviews simple steps you can take to ensure a healthy heart.

    Amy McGorry: Heart diseases claims nearly 420,000 women's life each year. Luckily making small life style changes can lower your risk of heart diseases by as much as 83%. Here are few small tweaks you can make everyday that can provide a big pay off for you and your heart.

    First eat a heart smart breakfast, skipping breakfast has been associated with higher cholesterol and insulin levels plus a larger waist circumference, all risk factors for heart diseases. For a wholesome morning meal try a heart healthy egg white omelet as your source of protein instead of higher fat whole egg version and try an egg substitute, you'll bypass the cholesterol found in yolks and give you all the vitamins, minerals and proteins that are missing in egg whites. Look for pasteurized 100% liquid egg whites without additives or artificial ingredients. And add aside berries for the well rounded morning meal.

    Second, take more small trips, start for 30 minutes a day of moderate activity and consider breaking up long sessions of sitting every hour if possible. Instead of sending an email take a walk to a colleague's desk, maybe stop in the kitchen for a glass of water on the way. Taking short walks throughout the day will not only protect your heart, it can help you relief tension, depression and anger.

    Start or end your day with stretching, flexibility maybe key to heart health. Adults already age of 40 who are most limber had 30% less stiffness in there arteries according to a recent study. Stretching for 10 to 15 minutes daily may keep arteries pliable, as they maybe effected by the elasticity of the muscles and the tissues surrounding them. Try yoga or stretching before bed to help improve your flexibility.

    Eating right, exercising properly and keeping tabs on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. While making these small lifestyle tweaks will help you stay heart healthy for life.