How To Kill Bed Bugs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paul Bello with PJB Pest Management Consulting provides an overview of how to kill bed bugs using high heat.

    Paul Bello: Using a heat system is a great way to conduct bed bug elimination work these days. Hi! I am Paul Bello author of the Bed Bug Combat Manual.

    Now were days heat treatments systems are recommended and popular tool for bed bug control work, but there is a lot more that meets the eyes when using heat to kill bed bugs.

    A proper heat application is done using a complete system. These system include a number of individual large capacity heaters, a diesel generator to provide sufficient power, a manifold system to distribute the power, special thermal resistant fans to distribute the hot air, numerous sensors to detect the target temperature and a laptop computer with a control panel to assure that the target temperatures are reached uniformly throughout the heat treatment area.

    A heat treatment system delivers a lethal temperature in a short period of time which will result in a 100% mortality of the bed bugs present within the home. As good as a heat treatment can be there are limitations and obstacles to success which must be recognized and addressed in order to kill the bed bugs present, heat syncs are a great concern.

    These areas or objects which are much more difficult to heat than those around them, examples include concrete slabs, walls and others. In some situations it is impossible to sufficiently heat such areas and the heat treatment must be supplemented with insecticides or other application work.

    As you can see heat treatment systems are great way to kill bed bugs in your home, so if youre interested in having a heat treatment done contact a competent pest professional in your area.